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Harmony for the Holidays: A Simple Guide to Transforming your space with Feng Shui

It feels like I blinked and suddenly the Holiday season is here. There is much to do ! But I can think of no better way to prepare to celebrate than to first create a harmonious and balanced environment in your space.

Regardless of which Holiday you partake in, this time of year can come with some stress and trepidation. Don't forget to take a few minutes before you start each day to meditate, pray or just enjoy the quiet, then set your intention for peace and calm.

Whatever energy you bring out into the world you are likely to receive more of in return so, cleanse that attitude of angst away and replace it with patience and a smile. Try using a mantra, a mudra, or a smokeless smudge spray to clear your energy field before leaving the house to get your shop on. You will benefit from the bonus if you do this routine again before entering the space when you return back home !

Now with a Spirit of peace and togetherness in mind, let's explore some Feng Shui tips to bring positive energy and tranquility into to your space during this busy time of the year.

Clear 👏 The 👏 Clutter 👏

While not traditionally a part of Feng Shui, it is the most necessary step of any practice in my humble opinion. Before decking the halls prep your space by cleaning and putting things away. I like to do floors and baseboards really well before putting the tree up. Clean on top of cabinets and other stagnate areas you may be accessing while you hang decorations. If you do not have the energy for all of that, at the very least remove unnecessary items (clutter) and give all surfaces a good wipe down to give positive energy a space to enter and flow freely. Wipe all of your décor down before brining it into the house as items can be dusty or grimy after months of storage. Consider doing a smoke or other cleanse to your ornaments and decoration before bringing inside. I used a smudge candle this year and let it sit out while I wiped everything down and discarded any broken items.

When you are all done you'll have a clean canvas and vibrant holiday decorations to go up.

Focus on the Five.

Create balance in your home by incorporating all five elements in proportion to the space. Wood, fire, earth, metal and water should be represented in any home décor, ideally within the aspects of the Bagua energy map. A well balanced representation of these elements fosters a sense of equilibrium and will make your Holiday glow up shine its brightest.

Remember to use the 60/40 rule when considering which of the elements you need to add more of or, to take away when decorating.

For example, a burning fire next to a stack of wood next to a live Christmas tree is too heavy on the "wood" element. By adding decorations made from metal or, that are white, round, circular or pastel colored, you help to bring the wood into balance. Use your minds eye to determine the ratio of 60% enhancing element and 40% balancing element. Each of these also activates or enhances a specific gua. Or, conversely will have a diminishing affect. Using Feng Shui we determine which areas need more support and which need to be calmed. Reach out to me if you have questions on this, I am always here to help.

It's all Relative

In today's busy and ever changing world coming together for the Holiday's has become a bit more difficult and may have lost some of it's luster as well. The principles of Feng Shui can act as a balm to protect and even a repellent of negative energy while clearing a path to usher the Joy of the Holiday Season into your home.

To have the most peaceful and enjoyable Holiday focus on the following areas while you decorate;

Family/Ancestors - located in the center Left.

Creativity/Children/Joy - located in the center Right.

Relationship - represents not only your love interest but also your relationship with yourself and others and, is located in the rear Right.

Refer to the Bagua map (and instructions on how to place it over your homes footprint) here: for décor suggestions, color selection and placement according to the five elements. If your family puts up a Christmas tree you may also use the map to locate the best place for it to go. Hint - try relationship/abundance/family areas.

Only use items that elevate your mood

Use colors, lighting, and items that make you feel good. If the current trend of Farmhouse neutrals doesn’t light your fire, then use what does, regardless of what is trending. Remember that smell is the most reliable sense memory so, only use fragrances that you really enjoy especially those that bring back the sense of wonder you felt during Holidays past.

A Welcoming Entry

The entrance sets the tone for your home or space. As the word implies, you want whomever that enters to be filled with wonder and delight or, entranced.

Clean the area well. Wipe the door down with salt and rosemary water. Arrange festive decorations in a way that symbolizes positivity and invokes those wonderful feelings. Don't block doors or walkways. Use a cheerful, welcoming doormat, hang a brightly colored door wreath and have a well lit walkway. You can use solar lights or luminarias along the path which will uplift energy as you approach the door and the feeling will continue as you step inside the house.

By incorporating the principles of Feng Shui, you will create a space that not only looks festive but also feels warm, harmonious and inviting.

May your Holiday Season be filled with positivity, joy and a sense of peace. Wishing you a happy and harmonious celebration !

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