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 Through our system of Empowered Arrangement we will show you how to live with intention and bring harmony to your life to promote health, happiness and prosperity.            


Chi is the flow of atmospheric "energy" that exists all around us. Chi is in buildings, nature, the earth, in objects and, it's within each of us too !  

Our goal at Divine Chi is to use intuition and light to raise the collective vibration.

We do this is by showing people how to optimize the flow of Chi in their home, work and business environments to support intentional success and wellness.



Home Decorations

"Feng Shui can be beneficial for anyone but, Feng Shui is most beneficial to those who remain open to the power of intention"  Divine Ch'i 2021

"The practice of Feng Shui is the pursuit of balance, not perfection"  Divine Chi 2021

"Design your life and write your own story through Empowered Arrangement." Divine Chi 2021

"Mankind uses the knowledge of different areas known to him at the time to build, create, or select his habitat, living and working environments, which provide him with the most suitable conditions for survival. The study of this knowledge is called Feng Shui "

Professor Lin Yun


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Create Balance

Divine Chi Feng Shui will show you where to create the ideal workspace at home to enhance prosperity and inspire work life balance.

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Inspire Your Space

Use the wisdom of Feng Shui to arrange your space and change your life. Through our system of Empowered Arrangement, Divine Ch'i will show you how to clear stagnation,  bring positive change and create harmony in the areas that need it most.

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We provide expert guidance

Consult with a Professional Realtor to discuss your buying or selling needs

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Find the path to success

Feng Shui is an essential tool for business management.
Divine Chi will show you how to apply practical methods along with philosophical principles and remedies to meet your goals.


Divine Ch'i......with V

 For over twenty years I have helped myself and others find peace and reach their goals through the practice of Feng Shui.

The scenarios in which Feng Shui can provide you support are endless.

I've worked with individuals as well as industry-leading clientele to apply the principles of Feng Shui in order to define and fulfill their objectives. 


Color selection +

Identify the best colors to use in each gua 

Clutter clearing +

Why are you holding it , how do you let it go ?

Health of the home evaluations / EMFs +

Are electromagnetic fields affecting your health and well being ?


Work space energy re-boots +

Arrange your work space, home or business office to decrease stress, increase productivity and let success flow

Home learning spaces +

We will show you the best area to create a study from home environment 

Home staging +

Apply the principles of Feng Shui to a listings marketing strategy 


Empowered Arrangement + 

The simple way to create a space (using what you already have) that feels inviting, energized, balanced and supportive to your desires.  


Siting +

Identify the best location to build, understand if the house you want has any predecessor energy or if it is located in/near an inauspicious location

Space clearing +

Revitalize stagnant energy, Bless your space, create harmony or expel the unwelcome 

 What is the Bagua and how does it work ?

In simplified terms the Bagua, meaning  "eight sides", is a map that is used to divide an area into 8 Guas or sections—each one relating to a different aspect of life.

The center square of the Bagua is considered the heart. From the center Ch'i is distributed out to the other areas.

The Bagua shows us how to create balance between our internal and external environments and nature so that we can live in harmony.

Using the wisdom of Feng Shui to support our desired outcomes we make adjustments to our interiors and exteriors according to where the Guas fall.  

BTB Feng Shui uses the front door method of applying the map.

Align the bottom of the page with the wall that has the main entry to the space you are working in. 

The doorway should fall into one of the three squares along the bottom of the Bagua map. 

Bagua Map 

This is the Feng Shui Bagua map with element, body part, color, shape and season listed in each gua
Tropical Leaves


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At Divine Ch'i our intention is to use intuition and light to raise the collective vibration.

We do this by showing you how to apply the practices and remedies of Feng Shui in your home, work and business spaces. 

Veronica Acevedo is the intuitive mind and founder of Divine Ch'i, in Phoenix, Arizona. She understands the relationship between your environment and your physical and mental wellness. During the consultative process we will work with you to identify areas of your life or business that could use enhancement or healing and then recommend the necessary Feng Shui adjustments, activations and remedies. 

Veronica has studied Eastern Art's and Science, including Feng Shui, since 1996.

She is a Professional Feng Shui Consultant receiving her education through Earth Home School

Veronica is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and a member of the IFSG.

She is often available for speaking engagements, webinars and workshops.

Logo confirming we are a member of the International Feng Shui Guild
CERTIFIED Feng Shui Consultant 2020

Arizona REALTOR® 

Boho Chic living room decor with candles on table that include the initial V. A.


I’ve worked with Divine Ch'i on a variety of small and large-scale projects, and my expectations have always been exceeded.  Veronica works with me to identify areas of focus and then bring my goals to life.

David L

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