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Activate Empowered Arrangement

Updated: Jan 22

People now more than ever are seeking harmony and balance. When things around us are ever changing and chaotic, we want to feel supported and with a sense of purpose in life. This quest has led many to turn to mindfulness and wellness practices for insight into how our environments can impact not only our mental wellbeing but also, our physical bodies and our overall success in general.

A deeper understanding of intentional living through modern day Feng Shui reveals that it is not just about rearranging the furniture or decorating with specific colors; it also involves cultivating a mindset of awakened actions. At Divine Chi we apply these actions through our services using a system of our own design, called "Empowered Arrangement".

Understanding awakened actions

Empowered Arrangement refers to conscious and intentional choices and behaviors that support our goals because they align with our true self and higher purpose. It is a concept deeply rooted in mindfulness and self awareness. When we engage in awakened actions we are moving forward in tune with our inner wisdom and vision. Decisions made with clarity are acts of consciousness that are not only beneficial for us but, also for raising the collective vibration in the world. For both our residential and business consultations our pre-appointment questionnaire's and other tools will assist you in identifying your needs so that you may gain insight where needed and have the best outcome.

Mindfulness and intention

Modern Feng Shui encourages practitioners to approach the arrangement and design of the spaces they inhabit with intention at all times.

Empowered arrangement takes this a step further by emphasizing the importance of being fully present and conscious of the energy and intentions we bring into our spaces while applying these principles. There are many tools for this, such as blessing ceremonies, meditations, movement practices, space clearing (remove stagnant energy, invite fresh positive energy), space cleansing (dispel unwanted energy, remove predecessor energy) and we share these options during our consultation.

Using Empowered Arrangement to apply the Feng Shui energy map or Bagua as a guide will help you gain clarity about your life purpose and how you can align every action with that purpose to the point that your immediate environment supports you. This type of clarity leads to a more meaningful and purpose oriented existence.

Energy Flow

The flow of Chi (energy) is crucial for harmony and wellbeing. Awakened actions extend this principle to the energy we emit through our thoughts, words and deeds. Being mindful of our energy and how it imbeds into our surroundings can enhance positive or negative Chi flow in our lives. We also focus on the impact of environmental factors such as emissions from electromagnetic fields and other mind/body disruptors.

Harmonizing with the environment

Empowered arrangement seeks to create an environment that is in harmony with nature, the five elements and the inhabitants of the given space. Awakened actions support this effort by emphasizing the need for individuals to balance their personal chi with their surroundings, including Earth and Universal energies. When all of these are in balance, a sense of peace and well being can flourish and you will feel you are being nurtured. This type of practice supports overall health and homeostasis. (There is a corresponding body part on the energy map that we can tune into during a consultation to work on specific health issues as well).

By integrating awakened actions into Feng Shui principles through our system of Empowered Arrangement, individuals and business can create spaces that lend themselves to a more healthful, prosperous and harmonious existence. The relationship between these modalities reminds us that our inner and outer worlds are connected and by nurturing both, we will achieve greater results, balance and overall well-being.

Remember that intention plays a significant role in Feng Shui, as it helps to align your environment with your personal goals and desires. Our system of Empowered Arrangement is highly individualized. What works for one person may not work for another.

Businesses have their very own set of concerns and applicable enhancements or remedies. A lot of work is done by the Consultant investigating the external surroundings and how they may be impacting the building the space is in. It is essential to tailor any consultation and subsequent practice to your specific goals and preferences. Our system of Empowered Arrangement was created while keeping all of this in mind.

"Your intention is your magic wand, shaping your reality" - Abraham Hicks

"To become the master of your domain, design your life and write your own story through Empowered Arrangement." - Divine Chi with V

"Feng Shui can be beneficial for anyone but, it is most beneficial to those who remain open to the power of intention." - Divine Chi with V

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