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Transform your space to see the World

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Now that life seems to be returning to a version of normality, I am ready to hit the road.

Depending on where you live, the past year and a half has struck differently. Our State never really shut down but my family hunkered down and followed the CDC guidelines understanding that as the facts about the virus came in, things would change and, we had to remain flexible.

Last summer was hard. An average summer temp of 105 degrees here in the desert (and almost a full month straight of 115) had us confined to the house. On top of that, the May 2020 European vacation we had been planning for almost two years, was canceled.

We were deeply disappointed, but also, realized this was a global health crisis, the likes of which had not been seen in 100 years. It was much bigger than us and, we were fortunate to have received full refunds on flights and accommodations, which was a blessing.

Now Summer is upon us again, here in the Southwest at least. Today it will be 108 and I feel the cabin fever coming on. I am ready to hit the road! But how to begin planning again ? With the World not yet entirely accessible, and some unknowns lingering, I could use some support. This would be an ideal time to activate the helpful people and travel gua(s) in my home.


For this Feng Shui exercise, I am going to use the Bagua map (image above).

I will begin by applying it over the first floor of the interior space.

Notice the bottom right hand corner of the bagua is the Helpful People and Travel Gua (HP&T).

Using the map align the bottom of the page with the entrance wall of your home.

(The 3 doors below the map symbolize the main door and its position along the wall of the house. This indicates how to align the map with the main entry wall).

Next, take notice of which room in your house the HP&T Gua falls into. For the interior of my home, on the first floor, this is in the dining room. I am going to use the Buffet cabinet I have in this area to help me activate. I can go back later and find the HP &T gua in each room and activate those as well as the land around the house for additional enhancement if I choose.

But first, let's learn a little more about this Helpful People and Travel Gua.


This area is associated with the ancient I-Ching trigram Ch 'ien meaning "Heaven". The Heaven Trigram has very Yang energy. (light, hard, high,vertical,white) It also relates to clarity of vision, spirituality, right place/right time experiences and integrity or, as the Buddhist say, "Right Action".

The intention when activating this area is to invite the people and experiences into your life that will help you accomplish your goals and create your heaven, here on Earth.


Can you think of a time when you had a daunting task or seemingly impossible problem and without much effort the right people, places or things showed up out of nowhere to deliver you ?

I can remember being a young Mom in the early nineties. I was struggling financially.

I was about to be divorced, working a full time job in healthcare (that I loved, but did not pay enough long term) and waitressing at night, all while trying to finish College.

One of the Moms I was friendly with at my daughters daycare worked at the Phone Company. At that time, in my community, a job at a Utility was a much coveted position that came with great pay and benefits. But you had to know someone to get in.

When this Mom approached me out of nowhere, to tell me that U.S.West was hiring and she would refer me, it had never even occurred to me that I could get such a position. But, I really needed a leg up so I called the number she gave me. To my surprise I passed the initial phone interview and was sent for testing to see if I had what it would take to move on in the process. The testing was a grueling series of skills and knowledge that included typing 40 words per minute (I never took it in High School and did not know how to type). After each test you went back into the lobby and waited for your results. If you passed, you moved on. If you failed even one test, you were out and had to try again next time. I never prayed so hard in my life. My testing group started with 12 people and ended up with only 3 in it. And I was one of them. Somehow that day I passed the typing as well as the difficult line technician exam as well as all the other exams! It was divine intervention. It was synchronicity. Because it sure wasn't me!

I really should go back and do a Feng Shui Consultation of the home I lived in at that time to find out how the HP & T gua may have supported me. I do know that by this time I had begun studying Feng Shui. I would be so curious to know what was going on in each gua at the time I experienced this life changing event.

At any rate, it was like the entire universe conspired with me to get that job and start a new career.

With my increased earnings I was able to replace all of the things I left behind when I divorced, find a new home and buy a new car. I also met the love of my life working for Ma Bell and some 21 years later I still feel the synchronicity around me.


Transforming your life takes great intention and focus. Think about what you would like to accomplish and through the principles of Feng Shui, and Empowered Arrangement by Divine Ch'i, you will have some control of the outcome and feel supported as you work to make your desires come to fruition.

I want to plan my trip to Ireland again. I also have Norway, Spain, Japan and Israel on my list as well as some places in the U.S. where I would like to visit family. As far as goals, I have some that are fitness inspired and some for my career with Real Estate and Feng Shui. I want to invite the right people into my life that I can learn from, who will inspire me and open doors.


The Helpful People and Travel area correlates specifically with the number 6, the head, harmony, the Father figure, the element of metal and the colors white, silver and grey. The best stone for this qua is Pietersite also known as Tempest Stone. This is a very high vibration stone that is used by many healers in their energy work. It works to activate and balance the Third-Eye and Solar-Plexus Chakras, and is also known as the stone that holds "the keys to heaven". How perfect !

Activate the Helpful people and Travel gua when you;

- are moving to a new house or a new work location

- want to create harmony

- want to attract the right "helpful" person, employee, nanny, caregiver, mentor, client, etc.

- want to travel more in general or have your heart set on a specific place

- wish to connect with your spiritual guides or religious belief system

- wish to create harmony and invite serendipity

To activate the space and support my Travel goals I am using a wood buffet piece in my dining room which is located in the Helpful People and Travel Gua to the right our our entry way.

I have the following representative décor items;

- small metallic silver bowl with a lid.

(Inside the bowl I have placed slips of paper with my specific goals on them. There is an additional practice involved in doing this)

- book holder that I rotate different travel books on and off as each trip is taken.

- glass bowl on a pedestal with 6 round decorative balls inside.

- globe paperweight on a mirror

- statue of my patron Saint , St. Jude

- porcelain lamp that depicts the Virgin Mary

- metallic decor piece that says "Welcome" to welcome my guides and helpful persons as well as my guests

Please note that during your Feng Shui consultation we almost always find items from other places in the house that get moved to create the right look and feel. What I have described above may not sound aesthetically pleasing as you read it but, I assure you if you saw it in my home you would agree that it is.

Other ideas for enhancing the Helpful People and Travel gua:

Round objects

Quotes or sayings about heaven, angels, affirmations or miracles

A vision board or collage with depictions of the places you wish to travel or people that would be helpful to you such as the business card of your travel agent or an academic you admire.

Art , books, or figurines that depict religious or spiritual figures, angels, saints, goddesses and teachers.

Photos of the people that have been or could be helpful to you such as mentors, relatives, teachers

Items in the colors of white, gray or black


If you are ready to hit the road like I am, try activating the Helpful People and Travel gua in your home.

Set your intentions and give it a try! Let me know how this works for you. I love to hear your stories of awe and wonder. Remember; when you change the flow of energy in your space you immerse yourself in possibilities!


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