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The Secret of Change

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Today is September 1st and I am returning to the page after the July and August Summer break.

As I sit here pondering the best and most affective Feng Shui tips to share with you, I realize that I am physically and metaphorically encompassed by change. You probably are too.

For me, the shifts are occurring in my body, my mind, my environment and my relationships.

I turned 50 last month. As grateful as I might be to reach the milestone Birthday it brings with it mid-life career and family pressures, health issues and thoughts of my own mortality.

My Mom became seriously ill in July and coordination of her care and wellbeing has fallen mainly into my hands (with help from my daughters and sister too). My best boy and constant companion is turning 15 in a few weeks and the vet told us at his recent visit that he has "about another 6 months to a year". Last but, certainly not least, is Perimenopause. The rarely discussed midlife disruption that almost every single woman around my age (Even J-Lo) experiences, is in full force. (I share remedies for this and similar issues such as fertility, etc. on a client request basis )

While I am no stranger to the inevitable circle of life these recent events have felt impactful and worthy of contemplation.

The Greek Philosopher Socrates was believed to have said "The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new".

This statement hints at there being a solution in some intentional, unknown (secret) place. And, if you just focus forward you will surrender to it (stop fighting what is occurring) and empower yourself to create something "new" or better than what is falling away.

Feng Shui is the secret to change.

I always remind clients that the Feng Shui of a space should be revisited often to reflect their lifestyle, wellness, career and relationship goals as they change. You must modify your Feng Shui applications as your priorities and desires shift or when you have reached a goal with your previous enhancements so that they remain current and working optimally for you.

In keeping with Socrates advice, and based on what I shared of my recent experiences, here are some adjustments or enhancements you can use to help you build anew when things begin to change.

Family/Ancestors Gua

We adjust this Gua to enhance and maintain strong family bonds and create balance and harmony for yourself and the other people in your life. We also use this area to strengthen our decision-making ability, reduce brain fog and to make healthy choices.

Element: Wood

Shape: Rectangle

Color: Green

Body: Feet, Ankle, Knees

Ideas to enhance this Gua:

Make necessary repairs in this area. Add a healthy plant that has deep green color, rounded leaves and is potted in a wood, rectangular planter.

Ideas to calm this Gua:

Remove trash and clutter. Take out any décor that is overly metal. Do not display or store weapons in this area.

Health Center

The area representing overall health and wellbeing is the ninth square in the center of the Bagua. It touches all eight Guas just as our overall health and wellbeing touches all aspects of our lives.

Without good health can any of the other areas really thrive? One of my absolute favorite resources on this subject is the Book Feng Shui and Health by Nancy SantoPietro.

Element: Earth

Shape: Square, Horizontal, Flat

Color: Yellow, Earth tones

Body: Overall Health and Wellness

Ideas to enhance this Gua:

Remove trash and clutter. Before doing anything else clean, remove, repair or replace broken or neglected items. Always keep this area clean and well functioning.

On a Square ceramic tray add décor or flowers in shades of yellow. (While I prefer fresh it is ok to use silk or artificial flowers. Just be sure to keep them dust free and well maintained).

Bring in the fire element which represents Earth and activates the space by adding a print or painting of a mountain and/or some votive candles.

Add relics or items that symbolize your religious faith or belief system. (We do this in the Knowledge and Helpful people gua as well, but here with a different intention)

Ideas to calm this Gua: Add more ceramic, earthenware , pottery, clay or other items of the Earth element. Add the color green, use wood or column shapes. Remove any excessive use of paint or décor in shades of red. Scale back on candles.

If you have any of the following in the Health center contact a Professional Feng Shui consultant to adjust Ch'i :

- A spiral or circular stair case

- Tall items that are metal or wood, such as bookshelves or tall lamps

- Clutter or just a lot of items in the area that you don't know how to depart with

- A Bathroom

- Garage , closet or storage room

Or, if you think the Health Center is missing from your home (floor plans with atriums or un-used out door space, a fire escape, etc in this area)

"Mankind uses the knowledge of different areas known to him at the time to build, create, or select his habitat, living and working environments, which provide him with the most suitable conditions for survival. The study of this knowledge is called Feng Shui "

Professor Lin Yun

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