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The Feng Shui Consultation

I had to write a second entry for you this month. For one, I need practice. Writing and editing is cumbersome and I seem to miss a typo or grammatical error no matter how many times I proofread before sending. (Thank you for your patience there, I strive to do better). And secondly, because I promised to break down the consultative process and provide some insight on what your Feng Shui practitioner can do for you. Up to this point I had not done that yet. To make things a little easier, going forward I will sometimes abbreviate Feng Shui as FS.

But first, let’s clear some things up about what FS is and what FS is not.

Feng Shui = (a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (Chi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing spaces.

Pronounced = Fung Shway

The Foreword to Nancy SantoPietro’s book Feng Shui: Harmony by Design is written by the late Professor Lin Yun, Grand Master and spiritual leader of the Tantric Buddhist Black Hat Sect School of Feng Shui, the FS School I ascribe to. In it he describes FS as “a concept originated by ancient Chinese for constructing residences, tombs, stores, government offices, temples and palaces”. He goes on to say that “those directly involved firmly believe that from a Feng Shui perspective one can expel negativity and admit auspiciousness, as well as attain a state of longevity, happiness, wealth and prosperity”. I am a firm believer.

Auspiciousness = the quality of being conducive to success, favorable

FS requires the best of intention. What you do in the FS world you must also do in your life. This is so important. We can get everything just right in the Health gua but if you don’t take one step on the treadmill and keep downing high calorie low nutrition meals, the weight might not come off. Similarly, if we activate the wealth gua by painting an accent wall a conducive shade and add a water feature in the right spot but you continue to overspend and refuse to work out a budget, you may not receive the results you desire. The power of intention is necessary. What if we position your love and relationship gua and your bedroom perfectly to find a partner, but you never leave the house or go into situations where you might engage with other humans. Well, you might not find that partner after all. Action is necessary. If you are not going to honor the process you may not recognize results.

So, then what isn’t Feng Shui ? It isn’t blasphemy, nor is it relative to the occult, as some have claimed. FS is not simply another expression for interior design. Although it is very likely we will end up moving things around and adding new decor items (or decor you already have) to a different spot, FS is not solely about decorating. Each adjustment is done to improve the flow and function of the space and bring about the desired results.

Feng Shui isn’t expensive. In fact there are many FS remedies that can be executed through meditation or practice based ritual and that don’t cost a dime ! Oftentimes rearranging during a FS consult can bring new life to existing items. Decluttering storage areas, the basement or attic can unearth long forgotten pieces that will feel like new again. Or, If we need to add plants, you can easily cultivate them from a clipping found in nearby nature.

Ch’i = the circulating life energy inherent in all things “life force”, “spiritual energy” Merriam-Webster says it is “vital energy held to animate the body internally”.

FS is all of this and so much more. It is difficult for me to put into words. It is best applied, practiced, seen and felt.

At Divine Ch’i FS can be used in any scenario that you might feel needs a little push, some direction or healing. Feng Shui can shine a light. These are the areas where you want to manifest freely, with intention through the signals you are sending to the Universe with energy.

Divine = sacred, of the creator

FS is divine and practical. We can use it to find a new home or identify an auspicious plot of land to build on. Feng Shui can be used to stage your home and by doing so, better market your home for sale. It can be used when re-doing your yard or garden, FS is ideal for landscape design using the bagua map.

And yes, we can certainly use it to design your space. FS can show the power placement for beds, desks and seating as well as other furniture & decor. We use FS when selecting paint & decor color schemes too. But that is not all we do. One of the major themes in FS is decluttering. Piles in the corners and closets stuffed with “stuff” are a roadblock to harmony. The energy or Ch’i can not move freely and this leaves space feeling stagnant, dank and sometimes even negative and unwelcoming. Oftentimes people do not even realize how these “things” are affecting them. A space clearing is a good idea here, as well.

Essentially FS shows you how to arrange your space in a way that promotes form, function, abundance, health and wealth.

Space clearing = Purifying the energy in the space; opening windows and letting fresh air in, clearing cobwebs, decluttering, house blessings, burning sacred herbs, like sage or the wood of palo santo with intention and applying sacred FS remedies.

When you schedule your consultation with Divine Ch’i we will send you an email requesting some information. We start with a questionnaire designed to help you identify what you need out of the consultation. We will also ask you for a floor plan or sketch of the space we will be working in. Both to be returned prior to your appointment. We use each of these to apply the Bagua map and address what is raised from the questionnaire. We provide feedback virtually or onsite about what is happening in each area of your space and life based on what is happening, or not happening, in each Gua. We then provide remedies or design implementation to cure the situation or create an enhancement. This, my friends, is the Feng Shui consultation.

BaGua: representative of the five elements essential to life on Earth and 8 gateways into our personal worlds it is regarded in feng shui as a pattern determining the significance and qualities of spatial relationships

At present we are doing most of our appointments remotely via Zoom which has allowed us to work globally. (Arizona Real Estate clients will receive separate instructions)

A full consultation is the length of about one or two hours and can be prorated in 30-60 minute increments if you would like more time.

Revisiting your Feng Shui routinely is the best way to keep balance in harmony. As your life changes from day to day, week to week and month to month so do your priorities and needs. At differing times throughout the year you might be seeking a career change or trying to conceive. Or, maybe you want to spark creativity so you can launch that new book or project. Something in the house might just feel “off”. Like, ever since you brought home that antique table Great Aunt Martha gave you no one likes eating in the dining room anymore. What is that about ? You are not sure but, you really want to get back to those family dinners. With all of this and more your Feng Shui consultant has techniques that can help.

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