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The Essential Feng Shui

Updated: May 24, 2022

Both ancient and modern cultures believe there is a universal energy that permeates all things. Just like the wind, it can not be seen but, we feel it and that is how we know that it is there.

There are basic, elemental and transcendental cures used in Feng Shui to manipulate this energy as well as to harness its power. The energy is also called Chi (chee).

You might feel energy in your body or mind due to stress , poor health and nutrition, trauma responses as well as a lack of ability to meet basic needs. Or, when you are healthy, happy and doing great you feel energy as well. The latter type of energy is the goal of Feng Shui.

Externally Chi is evident in water flowing, wind blowing, stagnation in a space, smells - both pleasant and off putting, other people, radio or microwaves, cellular phone emissions and other EMF's. We see adjustments being made to this energy field when we examine the work being done by Acupuncturists, Kinesiologists, Internists, Reiki healers, Naturopaths and Feng Shui Professionals.

The various energy or Chi forces are Heaven Chi, Human Chi and Earth Chi. These three areas affect us based on their proximity to where we are. Personal Chi may be felt most closely, as well as the energy within our immediate environments (home or office) and then things flow out from there to the Earth (neighborhood, community at large) and Heaven (earths atmosphere, planets, universe).

Here is some food for thought in terms of "Chi flow" or energy, how we know it is there and how we are affected by it;

- Have you ever worked in a toxic work environment with micromanagement, racism, sexism, constant criticism, being underpaid and unappreciated ? What did that feel like ?

- Consider the energy in a dilapidated house compared to that of a Five Star Resort. Given a choice, where would you rather spend your vacation time ?

- Have you ever visited a hospital, nursing home, cancer ward or intensive care unit ? Use your five senses (taste, touch, sight, sound & smell) to recall what you felt.

- Ever have an argument with a friend or family member or a negative encounter with a stranger such as a road rage experience. What physiological changes occurred ? (increased heart rate, loss for words, fight, flight, fawn or freeze response, etc)

A summary of various Chi forces;

Heaven Chi:

- In the Universe, planetary orbit, moon phases

- Spirituality, God, higher power, the divine

- Sunlight, Weather, the change of season

Human Chi:

From other people:

- Political and Cultural

- Religious

- Social and Psychological

- Neighbors

- Family , close friends, other loved ones

- Local Community / Neighborhood

Within each of us (your personal energy):

- Pessimist or optimist ? (Debbie Downer or Pollyanna)

- Belief system , Values

- Memories, trauma, experiences

- Personality, Content of character

- Sensitivity or Lack thereof

- Health and Wellness

Earth Chi:

Natural Chi:

- Landscape (mountains, valleys, desert, rivers, oceans)

- Vegetation (Poison Oak or Blackberries ?)

- Latitude and Longitude

- Geomantic energy

- Energy from the Earth (geothermal,vortex, radon, minerals, gravity, rotation, radioactive decay)

Environmental Chi (or man made):

- Buildings, structures, businesses, cemeteries, the externally built environment

- Proximity to Institutions of power, privilege or oppression (Can see the local prison from the kitchen window, neighbor is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, drive by a cemetary to get to your house, built on indigenous burial grounds)

- The internal environment (space in house, office)

- Color, light, sound, decor

- Floor plan, layout of building or house

- Electromagnetic pollution

Becoming familiar with the various forms of Chi and the ways in which the natural world, our environments and personal energy can affect us makes it very easy to understand the need or inclination to change. In Western culture when things dont feel right we generally try to compensate somehow. Clients will often change their routine, their habits and hobbies, move furniture around or change decor multiple times in an attempt to find balance. A Feng Shui Consultant can create the harmony you are looking for by applying the principles of Feng Shui through the nine basic cures, elemental cures and transcendental cures. Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Visit to get started.

In closing, I want to share a few of my favorite products. I use these items during consultations or I provide them as hostess gifts at our Feng Shui with Friends events.

*The items listed below are products that I personally use and trust but I am not affiliated with or being compensated in any way.

  1. Juniper Mist Lavendar & Sage Smudge Spray My love of this product is a borderline obsession. I love the smell so much, it is infused with crystals and a local Arizona product. #supportlocalbusiness I use it in client homes when they prefer not to create smoke. I also provide it to clients in my Feng Shui with Friends gift bags, as well as my charitable donations. (I recently used this for my Mom when she was on hospice and using oxygen. At that time we could not burn candles or light sage or palo santo in the house. It was a beautiful alternative). There are other sprays out there. This one WORKS. I use this spray every. single. day. It is fabulous. Do yourself a favor and try it out.

  2. The Divine Feminine Oracle Guidebook With beautiful artwork and the historical and cultural accuracy provided by Author Meggan Watterson it is impossible not to become enlighted because you will learn and grow using this card deck. As her website says "The potency of this oracle rests in the variety of images of the divine feminine, not just religious diversity, but also race, culture, gender identity, mythology, and geographic location. And also, all aspects of the divine feminine, from what’s considered light to dark, are exalted in this oracle".

  3. Sherwin Williams Zero VOC paints and the Living Well line We often recommend paint colors during a Feng Shui Consultation. One of our services is Color Selection using the principles of Feng Shui to determine which paint to apply in your home or office. They say these paint materials "are carefully chosen to help turn your home into a haven of comfort, style and well-being". I am not expert on sustainability and I am sure there are some who take issue with paint no matter what but, this seems to be greener alternative to regular paint and what we are currently using to paint our bedroom.

"In Essence, everything is energy" Divine Chi with V

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