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Taming Poison Arrows

When we go to our favorite Italian Bakery I almost always wait in the car or, leave and return to the car and wait while my husband gets our Lobster tails and Cannoli.

The bakery is artfully appointed but a little on the small side and it tends to get crowded fast. This week, for whatever reason, I opted to go inside and I stayed for the duration of the transaction. This led to an epiphany of sorts, as to why I feel reluctance to enter and, urgency to leave a place that is filled with delicacies that bring such joy.

I somehow glanced upward and for the first time I noticed there is an installation of rolling pins hanging from the ceiling in the store (actual pic above). The ceiling is high and the pin handles point downward, right onto the tops of the customers and employees heads!

The design aesthetic makes sense for a bakery right ? Cute idea to hang those, you think.

I love to bake and one of my prize possessions is my Grandma's rolling pin. So, I get it. But, I also know that all people, places and things create a confluence of energy. In a small space, that energy is amplified.

If you take a look at the natural world you might notice a pattern of smooth, soft, ribbons in the environment around you. The flowing undulation of sand dunes, a spherical new moon, curving waves of water, the rolling of hills, soft, round edged flower petals and so on.

Objects that are triangular, or have a sharp edge create what is known as Sha Chi, which is undesirable. The latter are usually man made and often seen within styles of architecture and industry - Bridges, buildings, machinery, cranes, transformers and so on. These sharp tips or "arrows" literally send out a knife-like (cutting) effect directed at anything in its path. In Feng Shui we call these poison arrows.

Poison arrows in nature, architecture or design create fast moving, unfavorable energy and have a negative impact on the well being of people, places and things. Clients who report health issues, anger & arguments, headaches, stagnation and even infertility almost always have an identifiable cause of Sha energy adversely affecting their home or business.

Some examples of poison arrows or Sha Chi that can impact your home or business are:

A T-intersection. Especially if the building entry or large front window is facing the oncoming road.

Angles, corners or sharp edges from neighboring buildings directed toward your home or business

Power lines and Cell towers

Airport flight path flowing in the direction of your home or business

Single trees - especially those blocking eye line to the intended entry or at an angle to a missing section of your property or structural footprint

Large and angular signs, sculptures or objects

The edge of counters and tables that point at peoples heads as they are seated

Shelves, book cases, angular design pieces that jut toward occupants

These are some of the common examples but there are more. If a poison arrow is directed at your home or business space it can impact the occupants in many ways but, there are remedies.

Using the Bagua map and a mixture of both mundane and transcendental cures Divine Chi can work with you to tame the wild arrows you are adversely affected by, remove Sha energy and bring back harmony, balance and prosperity to your personal life or business.

Contact us today to schedule your Consultation. ** Mention or DM WILD ARROW and receive 20% a service of your choice !

"Where focus goes, energy flows" Anthony Robbins

"Mankind uses the knowledge of different areas known to him at the time to build, create, or select his habitat, living and working environments, which provide him with the most suitable conditions for survival. The study of this knowledge is called Feng Shui "

Professor Lin Yun

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