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Put a Spotlight on the Love & Relationship Gua this Valentine's Day 

Whether you want to show yourself some loving self care , find your soulmate or celebrate the one you've got, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity and Feng Shui can help. So, I thought I would take a peek at the love & relationship gua of our home this weekend and see what might need to be tweaked to maximize warmth and love as we head toward Cupid's big day.

Feng Shui has direct applications like placement and clutter clearing, or it can use symbolism, such as photos or imagery, as reminders of the energy we are trying to create. We can also use Feng Shui remedies like color, light, sound, plants or blessings.

I don't know about you, but when I see clutter or damaged items in my home it doesn't feel like the sanctuary I want it to be. At Divine Ch'i we believe our homes should truly feel like our castles, safe places where we can retreat and find peace. Clearing clutter and doing home repairs is always a great place to start. From there we remove, re-arrange and add accordingly.

Often when things are off in our life we can refer to the guas of our home and it becomes clear what needs to be adjusted.

The bedroom is a good focal point. Even if your bedroom doesn't fall inside the Love & Relationship gua it is likely the room you spend the most time in and it is a very important space within Feng Shui philosophy. Think about removing mirrors and electronics, adding luxe, plush, cozy bedding and bringing in different lighting options. The Bagua provides us more specifics in regard to colors, decor shapes and elements to use. Just be sure you are working with pairs, if you're looking to find a partner,or enhance a relationship that you are in. Do avoid using singular images in your art and decor. Three is a crowd, as they say, and a third wheel can symbolize a wedge or distraction in the relationship. The wedge could be work, an overindulged hobby (think of the term golf widow) or even another person. To avoid those partnership pitfalls, be sure to use balanced bedside tables, (of equal weight not necessarily identical pieces) with lamps adhering to the same concept and bed placement that allows entry from either side. You may want bright light overhead when you are getting ready, but adding lamps or dimmer switches gives you the option for low light during more relaxing moments.

As I went to the love/relationship sector on the first floor I saw the broken fan by the backdoor that was set aside in need of repair and the box in the corner that was collecting items headed for donation. I knew the clutter had to go. On the first floor this area also includes our pantry and a broom closet, both needed reorganizing, so I got to it. Metaphorically speaking, ask yourself what that stuff piled up in corners or crammed in closets is saying about the flow of your relationship. On our second level the L&R gua is in the hall bathroom. Not exactly an auspicious location, right ? Water carries energy with it as it flows and every flush of the toilet takes it right down the drain. A few cures I have applied here are keeping the toilet seat down and I have tied a red ribbon on the pipe beneath the toilet (a noted Feng Shui cure is the red ribbon). While it might not be everyone's esthetic, I have also hung a small framed photo of our Wedding on the entry wall.

Walk your space, locate your love and relationship gua and get to work creating an environment that feels harmonious. When you create a loving peaceful flow in your home you carry love and peace with you when you go out in the world. By changing the flow of energy in your space you immerse yourself in possibilities.

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