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Empower yourself through gratitude

November in the U.S. is commonly a month to give thanks and be grateful for the bounty at our table. Here's why an attitude of gratitude can help you increase your gifts at any time of the year, no matter where you are on planet earth.

People say things like "It's always easier to find a job when you have a job" or "Love will find you when you aren't looking" because they know that if you only focus on what you don't have, you will become aligned with that energy of lack.

As the song goes; "nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin" so try focusing on your metaphorical bounty and you may be surprised that you have a lot more to be appreciative for than you realized. Do this consistently, while adjusting or enhancing your prosperity gua, and the results will amaze you! At Divine Ch'i we call this Empowered Arrangement.

Let's face it, the past two years have been challenging for just about everyone. Some more than others so, if you're thinking "I'm just not sure what I have to be grateful for, thank you very much!" try a brainstorming activity.

Sit down with pen and paper for list making/journaling. Now look all around you. What do you see ?

The first thing I see is my pooch. I sure am grateful for his loyalty and unconditional love so I write his name first on the list. Next, I realize that, thankfully, I have electricity that is powering my laptop as I type this so the next item says "power" and so on.

If you don't feel inspired by this activity here are some prompts to get you started -

I am grateful for:

three things I see

three things I smell

three friends

three family members

three pairs of shoes (Gratitude, I am i right ?)

You get the idea! Start small and soon you will have a pretty great list of people, places and things that you may have been taking for granted. Try doing this as often as you can but at least weekly. Start your Monday off with this activity and note how things change for the better because you set an intention to have an attitude of gratitude. Each time you feel yourself being tested by people or events, just remind yourself of your list and feel your energy shift from peeved to appreciative.

Prayer and meditation are an amazing way to give thanks. I like to do this just before I drift off as these thoughts will be reinforced in my subconscious during sleep. Take some slow deep breaths and then concentrate on all of the things that you are appreciative for. You can say them or picture them in your mind's eye, or whatever technique works for you. I like to start with some of the basics like - thank you God for my feet that carry me and my hands to do my work. During this meditation if your thoughts should wander bring them back by focusing on another thing you have to be grateful for. This is a powerful exercise that cleanses your energy and raises your vibration.

If you aren't really feeling the scheduled practices maybe you can start with a gratitude jar. Find a round or oval jar with a metal lid or, the jar itself can be metal. When we are done with this exercise, place the jar in the Supportive/Helpful people gua. To optimize the affect place it on a mirror. Sit down with some slips of paper and write one item that you are grateful for on each piece. Fold them and place them in the jar. From time to time if you need to lift your spirits and re-focus with gratitude just open the jar and read the pieces of paper.

These activities will leave you feeling #thankfulgratefulblessed ! Change the flow of energy in your space and immerse yourself in possibilities.

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