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It's simple, really.

Simple adjective

2. plain, basic, or uncomplicated in form, nature or design; very straightforward.

Oxford languages.

This month marks five entire years since our downsize to a 1000 sf house. The one that my husband took down to the frame and remodeled. It was intended to be a second home. That was until a series of unexpected events unfurled. We then decided we liked the place and the neighborhood was really special. So, here we remain.

But, you know what, it's a lifestyle. One thousand square feet in the center of the fifth largest city in America. We have resort amenities and mountain views. I am not complaining. Much.

Read more about the downsize and Fall tips here:

As I reflect back on the last five years it would be so easy to think about the things I do not have.

Like, copious amounts of closet space, a private pool, an office, an extra bedroom or, a mortgage. Hello !

We wisely realized that a few small sacrifices could make all the difference in our security, especially in an unstable world. Simplifying our lifestyle has put us in control of our well being regardless of what is going on everywhere else. Things like inflation, gas prices, grocery costs, etc just don't have the sting they did when we had high overhead.

Downsizing came to the forefront with the advent of shows like Tiny House Nation and, now we see "Vanlife" communities really growing. People are shedding their corporate personas and finding more meaningful ways to bring in income, selling their belongings and embracing the basics. Many of us have come to realize that when you let go of your "stuff" you gain so much more out of life.

Of course, I don't have room for guests to stay and I have to be thoughtful about how I organize things.

I won't be hosting any major Holidays anytime soon but, having no mortgage and the freedom (and finances) to travel without huge overhead expenses is so liberating. Not to mention a pathway to early retirement in the future. God forbid, if something happened unexpectedly, we wouldn't have to worry about keeping a roof over our heads if the income stopped coming in. Not to mention, if we retire early we won't have to change our lifestyle in any way.

We have really worked to get to this place and we had to make some hard decisions along the way.

It is not a lifestyle choice that all care to make and, I know that not everyone has the privilege or the ability to attempt to do this, even if they care to. We are grateful that we could and proud that our efforts have paid off.

So, if you are with me on a simple life, I have some Feng Shui ideas that will make things blissful in a small space.


Step one is always clear the clutter. Chi flow cannot slowly meander like a lazy river through your home if there are obstacles in the way. Start every session with clearing clutter and cleaning.


Small spaces look larger if you use mirrors. If there is a wall that is blocking the space or closing off an area you can open it up with a strategically placed mirror.


Do not store anything under your bed. That is a Feng Shui no no. Find unique uses for every square inch of the storage space you do have. Consider benches , ottomans and other pieces that have storage inside them. I have a set of three tall baskets in varying sizes in the open space under the stairs. This is where I store things like free weights and my crocheting that I want nearby to use but don't necessarily want to see.


Plants bring their own energy with them, promote health, growth and freshen the air. Use plants in the health center and place them strategically to divide areas of the small space (tall plants).


The color choice in my tiny home is bright, white walls throughout to open the space and reflect the natural light. This is very yang energy and suits us. Throw pillows, blankets and bedding soften and warm (Yin energy) as do furnishing styles and fabrics.


If outdoor space is important, focus on beautifying. In a small home, condo, apartment or townhouse you may not have much to focus on so making it as aesthetically appealing as possible creates good Chi. Be mindful of the front door or entrance. Use a doormat or wreath to invite Chi in.


When selecting any place to live, bringing in a consultant to do siting can help determine if the home is located in the most suitable location. Siting relies heavily on the geography of the land , the terrain and the structures and businesses nearby that can affect the energy of the space. Homes that have roads that T directly in front of them, pointed roof lines, etc are affected by Sha energy which can affect those living there. Feng Shui consultants can help you remedy these situations. Often siting is used to determine why things feel off inside or sickness prevails.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo Da Vinci

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