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Feng Shui your Mother's Day

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Mother's Day in the U.S. is coming up on May 8th. Mom's come in all varieties and we use this day to celebrate each of them because they are so important to us. (But, of course, we should do this every day!)

In preparation to celebrate the Mom's in your life you can incorporate the principles of Feng Shui and honor the Mother of all, Mother Earth, at the same time.

The Feng Shui element of Earth, located in the center of the Bagua, emotes feminine Yin energy. The Earth sustains, nurtures, protects and grounds us, just like our Mothers do.

Black Hat Sect Feng Shui operates based on sying and yin. Sying is the tangible Feng Shui aspect of your surrounding environment and the energy (Ch'i) of the landforms and buildings.

Traditional Feng Shui primarily focuses on sying (shapes) and directions. BTB does not dismiss these traditional methods but it does add an additional tool to assist in harmonizing your space; the activating, channeling and balancing of Ch'i (energy).

In BTB we also use Yi, which loosely translated is a wish, prayer or intention. Yi plays an important role in the practice of BTB Feng Shui. It is a blessing and a way of using the will and intuition of your Feng Shui Consultant along with your willingness as a client. This is a vital part of the process because it encourages the transference of positive Ch'i which reinforces the blessing of the physical space and the objects in it.

A Mother's Day gift blessing you can try is a simple prayer of thanks with a commitment to honor and appreciate that person in the spirit of profound respect.

The "Mother" area of the Bagua falls in the SW sector of relationships, marriage and partnerships. You can place a photo of you and your Mom (or Mother figure) there or use objects in the sector that bring this person to mind. When doing this have an intention in mind. Such as to honor her or draw upon her wisdom this Mother's Day. If you wish to heal an emotional bond, try placing a plant in this spot to activate growth in the relationship. Again, set the intention for the direction you want that growth to go, such as healing, forgiveness, acceptance, etc.

Incorporate the Earth element in your gift giving by choosing items in the color of gold or yellow. Yellow is not only associated with Earth but also symbolizes tolerance, patience, wisdom, perspective, power and loyalty. I find it no coincidence that those words describe most Mom’s that I know ! Earthen ware, ceramics, clay objects or items that are square or rectangular all represent Earth and provide a nice way to honor the Mom's in your life and Mother Earth at the same time. But of course, we should do this every day!

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