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Feng Shui with an attitude of gratitude

Feng Shui, in the Black Hat Tibetan Buddhist tradition, involves humans using traditional knowledge to select, build and create the most harmonious living and working environments. In BTB Feng Shui we consider geographical patterns, such as the soil content and viability of the land and also geological and ecological considerations such as; the abundance of sunshine, the direction of the wind , the proximity and clearness of water, the ebb and flow of the tides and the elements of time and space.

The theories of Feng Shui are inspired by nature and at their core is the perfection of God's creation that is our world. The most important of these concepts is the harmony attained by bringing the spaces around you into balance. Being mindful during your application of the concepts is essential to good Feng Shui.

Feng Shui may not cause miracles to occur but the system of empowered arrangement that we use at Divine Chi has helped relationships to flourish, creativity to soar, businesses, careers and finances to thrive and health to become more optimal.

How to assess your space and create balance;

Sit quietly and take some deep breaths. Align with all of the things that you feel grateful for and say a prayer of thanks for your blessings in life.

Next, listen for the challenges or suffering that you experience. Don't judge, just let the thoughts bubble up and listen. Honor the areas where you may be stuck and express gratitude for the lessons learned and strength built during any challenges.

Consider three things that are weighing on you at the moment that you would like to eliminate or improve. (You may have more than three things and some things that overlap. For this exercise narrow it down to only 3).

Once you have your list you will use it as guidance for which areas of the home or office you will be applying to Feng Shui. It might look something like this;

I. I want that promotion.

2. I would like the number of headaches I have to decrease

3. I would like to find a compatible partner

Next, apply the Bagua Map.

Highlighted below are the Guas (areas) that could apply to the example list above.

Career - Water , Ear, North, Black

Helpful People / Travel - Head, White Grey, Black

Children / Creativity / Future - Metal, Mouth, West, White

Relationships / Marriage / Mother - Organs / Red / Pink / White

Fame / Reputation - Fire / Eye / South / Red

Wealth - Hip / Green / Purple / Red

Family / Past - Wood / Foot / East / Green

Knowledge / Spirituality - Hand / Black / Blue / Green

We use a more comprehensive form when we are completing a Feng Shu consultation for your home or business and it can be found here Go to menu, more, pre-appointment questionnaire to download.

If you would like to schedule a consultation visit and get started today.


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