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Feng Shui When You're Far Away

August became an unexpected travel month for our family. Our personal Feng Shui practice recently helped to uncover some family members that my husband did not know he had, namely his Father. (Amazing story for another blog post) Because he is elderly my husband did not want to waste any time connecting with him. He is residing on the East Coast and we had to plan a trip quickly. We found the perfect Airbnb for our visit.

At the time of booking our check list included safety, walkability, good wi-fi for work, stores within walking distance and a gym (just a water taxi away!).

As a professional Feng Shui consultant one might think that the "perfect" spot would also include some auspicious factors related to my BTB Feng Shui practice as well.

Folks, I am here to tell you that in all my excitement at the prospect and planning of this trip, the thought never even crossed my mind. I may have paid the price for it!

Our rental is a quaint, clean, 200 year old row home down a quiet alley in Baltimore, MD. It has a narrow foot print on two levels, local art work and carefully curated second hand furniture, with a small patio, the original wood floors and some heavy duty predecessor energy.

When I arrived in Baltimore I started to cough a little. We had been testing for Covid daily as we didn't want to transmit a life ending virus to my husbands elderly Father mere minutes after meeting him. Eventually my asthma flared so badly that I ended up in Johns Hopkins medical center for a few days.

After being released and my oxygen saturation improved the thought finally occurred to me.... how is the Feng Shui in this place ?

The basic tenets of Feng Shui state that everything is alive, everything is connected and everything is changing. Surely the change from the desert to the extreme humidity in Maryland has had an impact on my lungs but what about the change in my indoor environment ?

After a thorough cleaning of the rental house, I used my fav smudge spray throughout. I had brought it with me in a 3 oz. travel container and I am sure glad I did.

The house we're in is located in a historical neighborhood that dates back to the 18th Century and it was built in 1850. This area has seen a lot of sordid history. Maryland is one of the original colonies. The denizens of Fells Point were sea captains and sailors, pirates and disturbingly, slaves.

The incomparable Jazz singer Billie Holiday lived just two blocks down from here and the street has some beautiful murals depicting her life in Baltimore.

While I can't know exactly who lived in this space we are in over the past almost 200 years, I can tell you that the energy I am personally feeling is oppressive.

I cleansed my three crystal touch stones that I also had in my pocket on the plane. (Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Red Jasper) and I immediately began to put my Feng Shui knowledge to use.

First things first. Apply the Bagua and make changes to Chi flow

(download a copy of the Bagua map at

In this house I notice an imbalance of the five elements . For my lungs I need to apply the 60/40 rule and increase the element of metal. It has been difficult to bring in extra elemental items so in order to strengthen the changes I am able to make, I will use a transcendental cure called The 3 Secrets Reinforcement, to begin. This includes a Mudra, a Mantra and a Visualization that is done before making any adjustments to the space. The remedies we apply when we add or take away elements, add or move décor items or furniture are part of improving Chi flow but, the rituals must have firm intention behind them or they will not be as successful so we do the reinforcement.

The narrow expanse of the house and stairway is likely adding to the feeling of compression in my already inflamed lungs. Because the home is basically a small, narrow rectangle , the furniture is lined up along the side walls on the first floor. The long narrow rooms with the front and back doors facing each other allow Chi to flow quickly, like the energy of a bowling ball racing down the lane toward the pins. This causes feelings of unease and anxiety.

My solution here was to open the leaf of the two seater table to make room for four and bring it out into the center of the room a bit more. * Mental note made to add fresh flowers to the table as it will be in the Health center of the Bagua.

I also moved a barrel chair from the side wall into a position facing the TV, creating an area for Chi flow to meander around the curve of the chair.

There was only one door mat at the front door, so I folded a towel in half and created a "door mat" for the back door which created a place for the energy flow to slow down on each end.

The trick here is I am away from home so I am going to use what I have not go buy new items to create the best environment. While you may sometimes feel it necessary, as a general rule, applying Feng Shui should not require you to spend money and acquire things.

Next move is to check those command positions. Again, the work desk is against the wall. I flipped it around and put the seat behind it and now my back was to the wall for support, I can see the door but, not directly in line with it. You're the CEO of your life and should always be seated in the command position.

The bed is under the window. Old homes have vents in the floors. I presume the owner placed the bed here to avoid the covering the vent. We opted not to move the bed into the most auspicious position but instead covered the antique mirror and kept the black out shades down. It may not always be practical to move furniture when you are in a hotel or you are a guest in a home away from home.

Side tables are a convenient place to leave your electronics. I had my headphones, tablet, Bluetooth sleep mask and cell phone all charging on mine. My husband had his a similar set up next to him. Electronics put off EMFs or electromagnetic fields that have very negative effects on the brain and the body causing oxidative stress and overall, illness. Read more about this here; ( Move your electronics and charging stations as far from you as possible when sleeping, at least 6-8 feet away. This should be a daily practice for your health and safety no matter where you are.

Whether it is the bathroom in your own home, a hotel or a rental like this Airbnb, keep the door shut, the toilet seat down and the drains closed and covered to avoid Chi flow , and your cash flow, from going down the drains.

I truly hope that sharing my recent travel experience has given you some ideas on how you can apply Feng Shui while you are away. If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui or schedule a service please visit today. When you change the flow of energy in your space, you immerse yourself in possibilities!

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

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