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Feng Shui For Fall

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

When we moved from Phoenix to Seattle, we did a major downsize.

We understood our new area had some of the highest housing prices in the Nation and we wanted to see how we liked the PNW before we decided if we were going to purchase a home. We went from 3,000 sf to 1100sf to eventually 780 sf.

It was a huge undertaking in order to experience what we saw, in 2013, as the adventure of a lifetime.

We didn't even rent a storage unit!

We went through everything we owned and decided if we would keep, donate or sell it. We were looking to simplify our lives and enjoy all the benefits of a city that catered to walkability and the outdoors. When we returned to Phoenix a few years later we wanted to maintain that urban Seattle vibe, so we sold our Family home in the far suburbs, which we had been renting out, and we moved to our 3rd and final downsize in Central Phoenix.

We don't do much entertaining here in our patio home. But I still like to prep for the Holidays when the weather cools down in Southern Arizona just like I did when we had all that space in the suburbs. It's not truly Autumn or Fall but its also not blazing hot summer any more so, we go with it.

I start with the exterior. I clean and replace any dead shrubs or flowers, remove/replace any damaged items wash all the pavers, stucco and exterior furniture and make sure the front door is warm and inviting. I often will add seasonal décor at this time as well.

When I move on to address the interior space, I am sure you can guess what comes next. You got that right; it is time to clean and de-clutter.

Completing a Fall de-clutter is a wonderful time to go deeper and remove what is not serving you in your space. Like that xxxxxx from xxxxxx that you acquired along the way and just can't part with but, you haven't used it in 5 years, it's broken, damaged, smells funny, in the way an eye sore, etc.

Please know that you are not honoring your loved one by keeping items that are of no use to you or are not intended for your home. Sure, some items truly have sentimental value and spark joy but, your relationships and memories are not predicated on relentlessly keeping all these "things".

Some individuals hold on to what they are keeping because sub-consciously (or consciously) they have a mindset of lack. We could delve deeply into causation for this way of thinking but simply stated the reasons could be related to events that affected people from generations ago and flowed along the stream eventually arriving to their shores. Such as the Shoah or the great-depression. It could even be something as recent and direct as a childhood of poverty or trauma. The reasons we hold onto things no longer serving us are usually a variation of the above and then some, and we are none the wiser. We just keep accumulating stuff along the way. I am not suggesting everyone has to embark on a downsize from a house the size of Texas to one the size of Rhode Island like we did, only that you can find balance in letting go. This is how a Feng Shui consultation can help you develop a practice that can be very healing.

So, for whatever reason, you may feel you have to save every rubber band from the produce you buy (not the thin, little blue ones but the thick, rubbery purple ones - am I right ?) or you may keep so many re-usable grocery totes they take up two shelves in the pantry (even though you forget them until you're standing at the register without them) because who knows what catastrophe is lurking around the corner that might make getting more of said items an impossibility and....well....then what !?!?

When you get ready to do a seasonal reset try adding three bins or piles marked keep, sell or donate and get to sorting your stuff. Then, be brave enough to let go. As one of my favorite podcasts reminds us: We Can Do Hard Things!

This would also be the perfect time to cleanse the energy in the space and address your Feng Shui.

Feng Shui activations, adjustments and remedies should be considered throughout the year.

I know life can get busy so scheduling this activity with other chores on the calendar or adding a Feng Shui review to your Holiday prep schedule can be an easy way to get it done.

Once the cleaning, decluttering and space cleanse is done, I start with a review of the Bagua.

For tips on how to do a space cleanse read here: pace-cleansing-ritual-made-easy

I make a list of the Gua's I want to address based on what is going on in my life at this time; goals I am focused on, travel, studies, or relationships that need mindfulness. Guas are the "eight sides" of the Bagua map with the heart or overall health and wellbeing at the center square. You may apply this map over the entire floor plan of the space, room by room or both ways.

Again, I start with the exterior. We have a relatively small courtyard, so I do the entire outside area. On the interior, I apply the Bagua room by room.

Looking at the Bagua if you wish to focus only on the Fall Season you will address the Love/Relationship area of the space which is located in the South West and the Children Creativity Gua located in the West, both of which are under the ruling season of Autumn.

Balance the space using the ruling shapes, elements and colors by applying the 60/40 (60% ruling items/40% other) method or whatever feels right to you. It is all about what feels right to you, not about perfection, just balance.

You can also use this space to address an ailment with a particular part of the body that might be giving you trouble. For this assignment we are highlighting the Fall season but you can address any gua at any time. Just be open, be mindful and allow a little time if needed.

Love, Relationship & Intimacy

Element: No ruling element

Body: Abdomen, organs

Color: Pinks, Reds, White, Pastels

Shape: Square

Season: Late Summer, Fall

Creativity & Children

Element: Metal

Body: Mouth

Color: White, Silver, Gray, Copper

Shape: Round

Season: Fall

Once you have completed these activities you are perfectly positioned to invite the best possible flow of energy into your home and your goals are more readily achievable. This renewed flow of energy makes everyone feel better, raises your vibration and creates a ripple effect that you take with you were ever you go. These small changes, when done with intention, can have a massive positive impact on you and everyone you interact with.

When you change the flow of energy in your space, you immerse yourself in possibilities!

Reach out with questions at any time or schedule your Feng Shui service now with Divine Ch'i at

“Autumn would come to this place of welcome, this place I would know to be home. Autumn would come and the air would grow cool, dry and magic, as it does that time of the year.” — Henry Rollins

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