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Feng Shui For Challenging Times

I think most of us can agree that although the reasons may differ, these past several years have been and continue to be, challenging times for all.

When circumstances evolve in this way it can become destabilizing and down right exhausting. You may feel tempted to completely disconnect. Some days it just feels easier to throw in the towel. But, future generations need our strength and our voices to speak truth to power. When you are feeling depleted the principles of Feng Shui can be used to nuture that strength.

While we are momentarily entitiled to a bit of righteous anger, we also need to be mindful of our tone, attitude and reactions in order to maintain a positive atmoshpere and ground our energy into the space so that it continues to support us. Ideally, each person that shares that space, be it a home or office, should also be conscientious of this.

Take a look at my March 2021 post that shares some tips for self care that will help to stabilize your Chi and create a self care practice you can lean on.

When everything feels like it is going to hell in a handbasket sit quietly and picture a gently flowing river. Moving water is healthy and safe to drink, where as stagnant pools of water attract bacteria and mosquitos which can make you sick. Negative energy can also manifest as dis-ease or illness, loss of resources, and overall difficulties. The clear, flowing energy is the one that you want to create and maintain within in yourself as well as in your home.

Negative Chi may already be in the home having been inadvertantly invited along with guests or the current or previous inhabitants. Clearing the space through prayer or ritual such as a space cleansing, can remove the poorly flowing Chi and invite harmony in. You can also clear the space using a sound bath through music or signing bowls. Go even further by researching how to use the Solfeggio scale and its frequencies to do this.

Next, check to be sure that your favorite seat , your desk, your bed and the position that you cook in is facing the door but, without placing you directly in front of it (diagonal). We call this the "command position" as it allows you to see who or what is approaching and ideally offers you support and protection from the rear. Use dark flooring or area rugs as a means to "ground" you. I like a very Yang space, with white walls and clean lines. For this reason I have an espresso colored LVP flooring that makes me feel centered.

Citrus, particularily orange, has a purifying quality and will add the necessary Yang energy to the space. Use organge essential oils or place nine oranges into a bowl on your kitchen counter. I used the five element theory to select a wooden bowl for grounding and placed this on a surface in the Health center of my home.

Help the Chi flow (remember the visual of the softly flowing river) by removing clutter or items that are blocking the walkways or accesibility of the space.

Consider any areas in your home that may not feel welcoming to you and assess the items you have placed there. It might be a filing cabinet with some emotionally charged legal documents or, an antique from another home or family member that carries the energy of the previous owner. If you can not remove the items from the space use a smudging technique or, a smudge spray such as my fav . Do this frequently when the items must stay in place.

Ideally you should always clear items that you bring in to your home from a thrift/second hand or antique shop.

Plants help with renewing the air quality in our homes, especially during the day when exposed to sunlight. Add plants in well lit areas. If there are dark recesses or corners improve the natural light if you can. If it is not possible to bring in natural light, then add a light source such as a lamp.

An easy and often invigorating BTB Feng Shui remedy is to move 27 items over the course of nine days. Select 3 items each day and move them to a different location all together or into a different position in their same location. When moving items to a new area apply the bagua map and five element theory (with the 60/40 rule) to create balance and invite harmony while you freshen the space.

I have provided a few quick and easy to apply Feng Shui ideas to ground your space and create harmony. Don't forget to work on the self care tips I provided here as well - . If you need some extra help we are always here for you at

I CHOOSE - To live by choice, not by chance; to make changes, not excuses; to be motivated, not manipulated; to be useful, not used; to excel, not to compete.

I choose self-esteem; not self pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random opinion of others.

I choose to be me. Miranda Marrot

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