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Exploring the Five Elements in Feng Shui: Understanding Their Influence

Updated: Jun 6

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Based on Taoism, the five element theory is one of three energetic concepts within the principles of Feng Shui.

"The term Taoism refers very broadly to a cultural, intellectual and textual tradition ranging from about 500 BCE to today. The founding of this tradition has been attributed to a probably legendary

person named Lao Tzu".

According to this theory, our survival on Earth is dependent on the balance of these five elements and their destructive and regenerative cycles. (The elements also correspond to the other energetic concepts of Ying/Yang and the application of the Bagua).

The energies of the five elements are alive in the cosmos (universal chi) in the exterior environment of our planet (earth chi) and also within each of us (personal chi).

These elements have their own properties which are related to the natural world as well as the physical and psychological aspects of human existence.

Wood is Growth

Associated with the color green, related to the liver in the body and the season of Spring wood is all things upright. Columns, rectangles, upward expansion, tall buildings.

Wood resides in the Ancestors/Family area of the Bagua and is representative of our roots. Wood is used to enhance activity, vitality and new beginnings.

Constructive cycle = wood fuels fire

Destructive cycle = wood covers/dominates earth

Fire is Expansive

The hot flames lick upward, the energy spreads like wildfire. Fire is maximum expansion.

Related to the color red, the heart in the body and season of Summer. Triangles or pyramid shapes denote fire energy. The fire element is located in the center rear of the Bagua in the Fame/Image gua. If you are looking to increase honorifics or spice up your life, enhance the fire element.

Constructive cycle = Creates earth (from the ashes)

Destructive cycle = Melts metal

Earth is Grounding.

As the chaos swirls you seek stability and go to ground. Figuratively this might look like going within and becoming centered or, finding your footing as you become connected to the earth and forge a path in the direction most conducive to survival. Earth is the color yellow, the season of harvest and the stomach in the body.

The shapes are square and rectangle (horizontal alignment). The Earth area of the Bagua is located in the health center. Apply Earth remedies to calm your parasympathetic nervous system and reach homeostasis through the balance of mind, body and spirit.

Constructive cycle = Produces metal (minerals)

Destructive cycle = Dams water

Metal is Contraction

Metal is cold, crisp, detailed and constricting. Associated with symbols, creativity, sound the color white, the season of fall the shapes of the circle or dome and, the lungs in the body. Metal can be found in the children/creativity area of the bagua. Use metal cures to boost creativity, improve communications with children or, to rekindle your child-like joy.

Constructive cycle = Nourishes water

Destructive cycle = Cuts wood

Water is flowing downward.

Paraphrasing Bruce Lee, be formless, shapeless like water. Water can flow, undulate or crash, be water my friend. Water is related to concentration and smooth flow, the season of Winter and the color black or shades of deep blue as well as the kidneys in the body.

Water can be difficult to contain and seeks the lowest point of gravity therefore, the shapes associated with water are not easy to describe.

Water is represented in the Career section of the Bagua. Utilize water enhancements when you want to increase cash flow, or find clarity. Water can also be used to find peace and increase social activities.

Constructive cycle = Feeds wood

Destructive cycle = Douses fire

The goal of Feng Shui, which is a mix of science & art, is to adjust and enhance Ch'i flow by arranging homes, businesses and environments in an ideal way for the purpose of achieving intentional success and wellness.

Through our system of Empowered Arrangement, we use the Generative and Transformational cycles of the five elements to apply Feng Shui to your home or business to invite harmony and promote health, happiness and prosperity.

Contact to learn how you can use the wisdom of Feng Shui to arrange your space and change your life.

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