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Empowered Arrangement

Updated: Jun 9

The beauty of having a Feng Shui practice is that you can make small, inexpensive, but deliberate changes that have a huge impact on your life. At Divine Chi we use the principles of BTB Feng Shui through our system of Empowered Arrangement to show you how to create the energy that will support your desired outcomes.

Often people are under the impression that Feng Shui is both intimidating and cost prohibitive. At Divine Chi our goal is to make the principles of Feng Shui accessible to everyone.

Empowered Arrangement can help balance your space, expel negativity and invite in prosperity, health and happiness.

Simple, low cost and high reward tips for your home or business space

Less is more. "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."

This phrase is often attributed to French designer and business woman Coco Chanel (in regard to fashion accessories) I think it can be applied to the contents of our home as well.

Go from room to room and discard clutter. During this process you will inevitably find items that can be repurposed into your Feng Shui practice. Or, something you can sell to buy what you need or want to use instead. The object is to create an open, welcoming space that leaves room to meander.

Check that the bed, desk and stove are all located in command positions. If they are not, then schedule a Consult with us to course correct or make the necessary adjustments and apply remedies.

If there is too much crammed into your space, making it difficult for you to function with ease then you are likely having similar difficulties navigating certain areas of your life too.

Establish reference points to create balance- When placing tall items, like bookcases, hanging artwork or mirrors, consider the height and eye line of the people who occupy the space. Hanging things too high or too low is a common error that creates imbalance. High shelves overhead result in pressure and headaches, mirrors that cut off the top of the head or below the chin can result in health issues or stall aspirations. As height and line of sight can vary by occupant try finding a good average that feels comfortable for everyone. Consider each wall in the entire room and its contents in order to create balance.

Define the space - If you need to divide spaces by function but don't have the budget for hiring a contractor to put up walls, get creative and use items you already have.

Tall plants, half book cases or a strategically spaced sofa can easily be a divider. Ikea sells an inexpensive (about $25) ceiling mount sliding rod that a curtain panel or other fabric can be hung from and used as a "wall". Use the energy map and allow it to guide you in small spaces that do not have clearly defined areas.

Slow your flow - If you have a long hallway, staircase, or length of room it creates a rushed energy flow and accelerates the feel of the space in an unhealthy way. This type of energy can lead to interior chaos, career and other missed opportunities or social invitations that pass you by. For instance, if you have an extra-long hallway or you can see straight through the house from the front door to the back door or, if your driveway extends a great distance out from the house. Break up the space by using rugs (runners), wall art hung in equal distance along the hallway or a photo feature wall along the stairs. Along the driveway you can use landscape, flagstone, potted plants or solar lights as a remedy.

BTB Feng Shui is defined as: Mankind using various existing knowledge to choose, construct or create the most suitable living and working environment. We show you how to do this using our system of "Empowered Arrangement".

Contact us today to schedule your consultation or ask us anything about Feng Shui !

"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door." Coco Chanel

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