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Diversion ahead


/dəˈvərZHən/ noun

2. an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime

No, not Joy Division - the iconic post punk band that I've been obsessed with since Middle School (except when I hear Love Will Tear Us Apart playing in the grocery store. That shit makes me want to sob for reasons unrelated to the lyrics, but that is an entirely different blog post!). No, I am talking about a Joy Diversion.

One of the things I am working on is to be more of a light. To smile, laugh, and just have more fun. I work so much and focus so hard on all of my responsibilities that I fall into a monotonous routine. I get a little grumpy and I go down the rabbit hole of paralyzing perfectionism. I have a tendency to take things way too seriously. I forget to laugh, I forget to smile, I forget a lot of the things about my personality that used to show how vibrant and full of life I am. You know, back when I actually was vibrant and full of life.

Gratefully, I know that our light comes from within, so I am setting the intention now to create little diversions here and there to help spark my joy and shine brighter.

Once I made up my mind that I needed to address the lack of joy I was feeling inside, I looked towards my own Feng Shui to get started creating it. It hit me like a smack in the face when I realized how utterly overlooked and neglected the Creativity and Children Gua in my home was. The associated season is also Fall so my intuition is speaking loud and clear. I have a lot of work to do to make the appropriate adjustments.It is time for some Empowered Arrangement in the Creativity and Children Gua which is located on the West side of the Bagua Map, in the center.

Creativity and Children Gua

Element: Metal (to find balance remember Fire melts metal, Earth creates metal)

Body: Mouth

Color: White, Silver, Gray, Copper

Shape: Round

Season: Fall

Tui: Joyous Lake

Meaning: Pleasure, offspring, play

In the “I Ching '' the Children and Creativity area is called “Joyous Lake” because it is associated with the qualities of joy, pleasure, encouragement and creativity.

Just watch a small child playing and you will easily spot the natural happiness, creativity and enthusiasm they exude. Forget the expensive play set you bought and with it the lost hours of freetime and back mobility required to to set it up, just let someone leave the tupperware cabinet open or a cardboard box on the ground and kids are occupied for hours, am I right ?

This gua also represents the mouth (I need to smile more!), child/parent relationships, fertility, creativity and inner child work.

I would like to draw my inner child out and enhance my enthusiasm for fun, spontaneity and creativity. Below are some enhancements to invite that to happen. The items here become symbols of the intention I am setting to smile, have more light in my being and invite happiness in. When I am in the space these items act as a catalyst for the change I want to see.


  • I know you are tired of hearing this but here it is - remove the clutter, remove the clutter, remove the clutter. Literally start with a clean slate in this area.

  • Add items that you find inspiring, whimsical or that make you smile and feel happy when you look at them.

  • Use paint & decor in white or gray

  • Add decor in metals, pewter, copper

  • Use round things / shapes when possible

  • Items that symbolize fun, happiness and whimsy

  • Put your designated craft, hobby or other creative project space here (or items symbolic to them)

The Earth Element feeds metal so adding some touches of Earth tones, ceramics or rectangular shapes will feed the metal and increase joy & creativity.

Avoid using too much of the fire element and the color red, candles, bright lighting, depictions of animals which are all representative of the fire element. These will melt the metal energy in the space and burn up all that creativity and joy. Keep the 60/40 rule in mind when adding items or enhancing the space to achieve balance. (In most cases, 60% of your space should reflect items relevant to the gua you are focused in, the other 30% can be used to enhance or calm)

If you lay the Bagua map and realize that your Children and Creativity Gua is missing try the following remedies;

  • If the outside area is accessible add a metal bench or seating to anchor the space to the interior

  • Add a metal trellis with flowers

  • Add white flowers in pots, flowerbeds or boxes

  • Add whimsical garden decor

  • If the outside area is not accessible this is a good spot to hang a faceted crystal on a red string using the rule of nine when cutting the string.

  • Hang your whimsical art or something else from the list of enhancements on the wall where the gua is missing

Do you still have questions about the Bagua map or how to balance the gua ? Contact Divine Chi for your Feng Shui Consultation today.

" The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature".

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