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There is no time like the present !

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

You might be asking yourself when is a good time to schedule a Feng Shui consultation with Divine Ch'i ?How can Feng Shui help me ? What happens when I reach out to schedule a consultation ? Well, keep reading because I provide some answers for you here.

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) translated into English means Wind Water. Both wind and water flow throughout the Earth, and all living things. This energy flow or life force is known as "Ch'i". Ch'i circulates all around us, through the interior and exterior of the spaces we occupy. Without Wind / Water or Ch'i, similar to breath or sustenance, there would be no life. Feng Shui is the art, science and practice of designing our environments to enhance, envigorate, revive, or calm the Ch'i. So, I say any time is a good time for Feng Shui. In fact, you should be re-evaluating things often as life, and the energy along with it, changes frequently. The person that feels drawn to Feing Shui is someone open minded and agreeable to participation in the process.

You might feel the need to apply Feng Shui when;

You want to create a an environment that reflects your relationships, ideals and goals

You want to make a positive shift or boost positivity in your life

You having challanges and desire support and guidance

You don't want to renovate or move but, would like to refresh your existing space

You would like to promote health and wellness within your environment

You find something just feels "off" in the space.

You have areas that are not enjoyable to spend time in

You have places that are not being used to their full potential

You have a new home and would arrange it using the principles of Feng Shui

You would like to set your home office up support your career goals

You would like to identify the best paint colors to use in each room

You would like to clear the space of any stagnant or unwelcome energies

How can Feng Shui Help you ? Before I answer this I would like to share a friendly reminder. Feng Shui is not interior decorating, the occult or superstition. Feng Shui is empowered arrangement. Feng Shui is the application of both art and science to arrange our interior spaces and external environments to create harmony. Because, when you change the flow of energy in your space, you immerse yourself in possibilities.

The applications of Feng Shui can help with;

Family Issues, Growth, Children

Wealth, Money, Health and Overall Wellness

Love , Partnerships and Relationships

Self-Image, Fame and Reputation

Knowledge, Education and Self Developement

Travel, Support from others past and present

How does it work ?

Schedule your appointment here on the site and purchase your consultation. You will immediately receive an email that provides further instructions. We will ask that you complete a questionnaire and send in your floor plan (It can be a hand sketch, nothing fancy required) to help us prepare for your appointment. Your questionnaire is used to determine the areas that you wish to focus on and prioritize. We customize the appointment to your needs. It can be one room, the entire house, home office, a garden/yard or all of the above. Virtual Consultations are via zoom, and you will also receive a recording.

* Your initial consultation includes a post consultation follow up call.

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